When it comes to music discovery, we like to keep it as authentic as possible. If we come across a song/project that we enjoy & believe it deserves to be shared, we will share it on our Twitter page, add it to our playlists and post within our respective features.

EVRYDY® is not a platform that is watered-down with the politics of the music industry, therefore we do not accept payment in exchange for any type of support. If we like your music and respect what you do, we will support. Simple as that.

We do, however, offer an ear to new, unknown artists with our ‘Undiscovered Gems’ series:

Undiscovered Gems:

Are you an up and coming artist and want us to feature your new song on our weekly ‘Undiscovered Gems’ series? This is an outlet intended to shine light on unknown creators that deserve a chance to be heard.

Send us an email (links only) to: with {Undiscovered Gems} in the subject.

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All other inquiries:

Contact (please no music submissions to this e-mail address – they will be ignored)