EVRYDY® is a lifestyle, mindset, mentality and culture. Anybody with a passion could relate to the EVRYDY® message.


Our Mission:

At EVRYDY®, our mission is to inspire as many people as possible to work passionately EVRYDY® at their dreams and ideas. Time is too precious to be spending most of your life working at a career you dislike. If you just work hard EVRYDY® at the things you love, you will be able to live out your dreams.


Who We Are:

EVRYDY® is a team of likeminded individuals who understand what creatives can accomplish with consistent hard work. We are made up of creators, curators, writers, content producers and connoisseurs of one common thing: good music.


What We Do:

We provide high quality music-based content daily to accomplish these two things:

  1. Spread the music we love to as many ears as possible
  2. Shed light onto deserving creatives that sacrifice a lot for our entertainment


Our Goal:

Everybody has dreams and ideas. We wish to inspire the next generation creatives to work passionately EVRYDY® at their dreams and ideas to turn them into a sustainable career. We also plan to make EVRYDY.com your new favorite place for daily, scheduled content right at your fingertips!