EVRYDY® Radio 005 – “The OFWGKTA Forever Episode”


“The OFWGKTA Forever Episode” by Collin P. Donovan

This episode is dedicated to the growth and appreciation for the Odd Future collective and all of it’s members. They may not be as tight as they once were, but their artistic growth is undeniable.


  1. Earl Sweatshirt – EARL
  2. EarlWolf – Orange Juice
  3. Frank Ocean – Novacane
  4. Tyler, The Creator – She (ft. Frank Ocean)
  5. Odd Future – Sam (Is Dead) (ft. Domo Genesis & Tyler, The Creator)
  6. Odd Future – Oldie (ft. the Frank Ocean & Earl Sweatshirt verses)
  7. Frank Ocean – Crack Rock
  8. Tyler, The Creator – IFHY (ft. Pharrell)
  9. The Internet – Dontcha
  10. Earl Sweatshirt – Sunday (ft. Frank Ocean)
  11. Tyler, The Creator – SMUCKERS (ft. Kanye West & Lil Wayne)
  12. The Internet – Girl (ft. KAYTRANADA)
  13. Domo Genesis – Dapper (ft. Anderson .Paak)
  14. Frank Ocean – Nights (2nd half)
  15. Hodgy – The Now
  16. Syd – Drown In It
  17. Tyler, The Creator – November
  18. Odd Future – Oldie (Tyler verse) *fades out*


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