7 Grime Artists About to Blow

J Hus

Unlike the previous two artists who have received rather notable co-signs, pushing them somewhat forward in the mainstream Grime scene, J Hus quietly continues to flourish in the underground.

Drawing frequently from Jamaican sound, J Hus constantly brings a unique sound to Grime. Unlike the norms of grime consisting of dark, trap beats; he offers an uplifting Caribbean sound to the genre, which is rather refreshing.

Some of his most notable tracks include “Lean & Bop” and “Friendly.” These tracks are symbolic of lots of his work. Records like these provide listeners uplifting vibes that they can quite literally “bop” along too.

J Hus provides Caribbean vibes and interesting spin on the genre. Expect to see more grime taking this form as it begins to become even more popular, and look out for J Hus‘ debut album coming out next month.

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