7 Grime Artists About to Blow



South London has created some great emcees over the years, and Dave is on the path for greatness. Of anyone on this list, this may be one of the few names you recognize. That is because of the Drake influence. Many listeners think that Dave‘s smash hit “Wanna Know” makes him a one-hit wonder because it received the Drake remix, but his artistry is much deeper than that.

Dave‘s Six Paths EP is one of the strongest debut projects to come out of London in a long time. Comparing tracks like “Six Paths” to others such as “Panic Attack” and “Picture Me,” the project shows just how versatile he is as an artist. From spitting electric bars over a wired beat on the title track to experimenting with the piano and other instruments in the last two, Dave has some fiery in his voice as he describes his environment in the streets of Streatham.

Outside of his own discography, Dave frequently has his hands all over tracks with other artists. “Thiago Silva” with AJ Tracey is a standout record along with “Samantha” with J Hus.

Unlike many Grime artists, Dave wonderfully mixes crooning with hardcore rap. “Wanna Know” is pure example of a feel-good beat set under the harmonizing of a kid who is simply mixing it up on a track.

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