7 Grime Artists About to Blow


Ever since Drake started linking with Skepta a few years ago, Grime has slowly started creeping into American culture. The street sound of London has fascinated many, with the crazy beats, speedy lyricism, and the insinuating moshpits. Now with the likes of South London-born emcee Stormzy dropping one of the most versatile albums of 2017 and the guest verses of the Landlord himself Giggs on More Life, it seems that Grime is hitting the mainstream in one crashing wave.

However, with these big names, especially of the big three (Skepta, Stormzy, and Giggs) comes lesser known artists that are slowly on the come-up. I’ve been in the UK to study a semester abroad for a little over 2 and a half months at this point. During this time, I’ve been carefully curating a list of Grime emcees that are about to take off.

Scroll through the pages below and discover some next level British talent!

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