Best 7 Projects of the 1st Quarter of 2017

Syd – Fin


Written by GK // Twitter @gk_ennedy

Fin is available now on all streaming platforms

I had to think about this one, but in the end, it made sense. Alternative R&B and neo-soul are genres I always have time for, and when I saw that the former Odd Future member and lead vocalist of The Internet, Syd, was dropping a project…I HAD to check it out.

One reason I like this album so much is because it seems like it’s gone under the radar a little bit. So it feels like I’m part of an exclusive club that’s enjoying this glossy, smooth bunch of tunes. The artwork encapsulates that dark, atmospheric mood too. Everything about Fin drew me in. It’s the descent into depth Syd apparently wants to take The Internet into and if that’s the case then I fully support it. It also feels like a bit of an in-between project to tie over the period of the band’s temporarily hiatus, but it’s really good.

My favourite tracks are Know,” “Smile More,” “Body,” but, my number 1 overall choice is “Over” which features my guy 6LACK. They have great chemistry and compliment each other’s games so well it’s hard not to bop your head to this flow, and to this whole album.

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