Best 7 Projects of the 1st Quarter of 2017

Drake – More Life

more life

 Written by Cody Upchurch // Twitter @Codyup21

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With every subsequent project that Drake releases, the hype and anticipation surrounding it reaches levels unknown to many artists.  More Life was no exception. Even though his last album, Views, was met with mixed reception, its impact on the charts further solidified the fact that Drake is a man of numbers.  After announcing More Life on OVO Sound Radio in October of last year, (and pushing it back multiple times), it’s finally in our hands and was well worth the wait.

This album, or “playlist” as Drake puts it, is the embodiment of the various sounds he has experimented with over the past few years.  Whether it be the braggadocious bangers found on IYRTITL, the groovy Dancehall anthems that appeared on Views, or the moody sample-based ballads that filled NWTS, More Life is the culmination of all of these styles into one singular project.  Throw into the mix an assortment of styles from some of Drake‘s favorite contemporaries, and we have the best “playlist” of the year so far.

More Life not only fixes many of the complaints people had with Views but also expands on some of the musical ideas that were initially presented to us just last year. The heavier emphasis on rapping becomes immediately apparent after the opening two tracks and continues on for a bulk of the twenty-two songs that make-up the tracklist. Drake also has a better grasp of the Dancehall sound on this album, resulting in punchier and more contagious grooves on tracks like “Passionfruit,” “Madiba Riddim,” “Get It Together,” and “Blem.”  All of these songs showcase a more comfortable Drake, and in turn, deliver a set of hits that are sure to be played throughout the summer.

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Some of my personal favorites from More Life include “Free Smoke,” “Madiba Riddim,” “4422,” “Gyalchester,” “Nothings Into Somethings,” and “Do Not Disturb.”  The “trap-Drake” we find on “Gyalchester” is in peak form with his endless amount of quotables over a hard-hitting, head nodding beat, while the sad-boy, broken hearted delivery on “Nothings Into Somethings” is sure to have you missing that special someone that got away.  Sampha‘s contributions on “4422” are also noteworthy, as it is not only a standout on this album but also one of the best songs I’ve heard this year.

All in all, Drake hit a home run with this project.  Instead of taking a bold new step in any particular direction, he presented us with a collection of styles for every Drake fan to appreciate.  Not only did he cover his own sounds, but also those of many other artists making waves in music today.  This “playlist” is sure to be in rotation for many months to come.


Picture Source – Live Nation


If you want a more in-depth look at More Life, be sure to read my review of it here!

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