Freddie Gibbs – Crushed Glass {SINGLE}

Back with a vengeance, Freddie Gibbs has returned with a stellar new single titled “Crushed Glass.”

Not only has Gangsta Gibbs decided to bless us with a new song, he also paired the track with an exceptionally shot video (as seen above) and announced his forthcoming album, You Only Live 2wice, which is set to release on March 31st.

After fighting false rape allegations in Austria for nearly four months, it is nice to hear Freddie pick up right where he left off.  This track is an excellent comeback record and effectively teases what is to come on his next album.

Be sure to watch the video above and listen to the track on iTunes/Apple Music here!

Pre-Order You Only Live 2wice right now!

freddie gibbs crushed glass


  1. 20 Karat Jesus
  2. Alexys
  3. Crushed Glass
  4. Dear Maria
  5. Amnesia
  6. Andrea
  7. Phone Lit
  8. Homesick


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