7 Tracks You Should Know By…Travis Scott {PLAYLIST SERIES}

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The 6th installment of a new weekly drop on EVRYDY called “7 Tracks You Should Know By…” Similar to the #SilasSundays Series, this self-explanatory playlist will highlight certain verses from established artists that may have been overlooked or forgotten over the years. The subject of this week’s post is Jacques Webster, more commonly referred to as Travis Scott.

The bar for La Flame was set ridiculously high upon his entrance into the rap scene a handful a years ago. While most young adults at his age are placed on a 4 year track with the finish line being a Bachelor’s Degree, Travis Scott had other plans. After appearing on the production side of Cruel Summer in 2012, Travis Scott signed a deal with the G.O.O.D. Music production imprint at the ripe age of 20. The following year at age 21, Trav signed a record deal with T.I.‘s Grand Hustle label and released his debut mixtape Owl Pharaoh, which featured the likes of Wale, T.I. and 2 Chainz, shortly thereafter.  Off to a great start.

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At age 22, he released a critically acclaimed mixtape, Days Before Rodeo, to set up his critically debut studio album, Rodeo, in 2015 at the age of 23. Most individuals around the world are finishing up university with the hopes of landing an entry level full-time job. Scott, on the other hand, just finished up the most lavish of paid internships where he earned much more than credits to 300-level college courses.

La Flame has garnered the respect of his peeps in the music industry. His autotuned melodies are ever-so-present in the landscape of today’s Hip-Hop/RnB terrain. Many impostors try to mimic his sound to no avail. The key to Travis Scott‘s brilliance does not lie in a double entendre in a multisyllabic prose; it’s a combination of several untamed elements that are neatly crafted together into a finished product. Short quips of quotables delivered to the listener in a garbled and highly energetic manner over intriguing production is what makes Travis Scott a standout in his profession. Trav’s 2nd studio album Birds In The Trap Sing Brian McKnight,  released in September of 2016, was another great leap towards the direct of cementing his status as a memorable artist from this decade.

The man is a dangerous and versatile threat when approaching any song. He can saunter over a drowsy instrumental to provide more atmosphere to a perceived trippy dreamlike state. He can also immediately switch up the pace by passionately rapping with a high level of gusto. It’s like he’s a chameleon of sorts: can quickly adapt to the environment surrounding him without seeming out of place. Futuristic, ominous, and harrowing.

Check out 7 of La Flame‘s best tracks that span the past few years. The influence of Travis Scott‘ sound on the entire industry cannot be denied and it is extremely evident in this sampling of tracks. He is Straight Up! one of the more exciting rappers of the modern times. He’s been constantly evolving by refining his craft but I have a feeling that we aren’t even close to seeing the Houston-native in his final form. At age 24 (turning 25 in the Spring), he’s got plenty of years left for potential prime.

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From Dance on the Moon by Travis Scott ft. Theophilus London & Paul Wall:

Lost in the moonlight, run through the moonlight, who knew?
Cop lights, no lights, cause the bills they was over due
Now a skinny iggy n***a got fits from the runway
Taking trips to the side of the moon
I just take trips to define my peace
But I got a little feeling it might be in that tomb

I like my weed in the cheese, roll that that a little thick
Better watch your toke, you don’t wanna choke
Better let that jack roll down your neck
I’m on some popular s**t, come look in my eyes and get a fix
We just go’n cruise hit the brews, lay back don’t worry bout shit
It might get rowdy cause all the freaky models wanna party
All the freaky models in the lobby, it’s so obvious that they lobbyist

Man it can’t be realer, me and my n****s in the villa
She in that white dress it can’t fit her
Sweet not bitter, drink like you got no liver
Hit it and she on the moon my n***a

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