7 Tracks You Should Know By…Vince Staples {PLAYLIST SERIES}

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The 5th installment of a new weekly drop on EVRYDY called “7 Tracks You Should Know By…” Similar to the #SilasSundays Series, this self-explanatory playlist will highlight certain verses from established artists that may have been overlooked or forgotten over the years. The subject of this week’s post is the one and only Vince Staples.

We’ve all heard the phrase “an old soul trapped in a young person’s body” or some variation of that adage. I can’t think of a more apt individual to associate the saying to other than Vincent Staples. The Ramona Park, Long Beach California native is only 23 years old yet sounds like a polished and matured hip-hop veteran. First rising to prominence with being tangentially affiliated with Odd Future in 2010, Vince Staples may be young but he is far from the status of a rookie.   Hardened by the environment surrounding his upbringing, Staples bluntly states his commentary on societal topics with the coldest of deliveries. Instead of simply glorifying the gang culture that he was raised in, Vince provides a smart analysis from the purview of being on the inside looking out. An incredibly wise lyricist that aims to give testimonials from the perspective of an inner-city youth. He imparts sound advice to people that are currently or have experienced that lifestyle.

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It’s a commendable approach to gangsta rap that Vince Staples has taken during his career so far. He’d rather educate about the destructive ills that a life a crime will lead to instead of glamorizing the short-lived highs of being “about that life.” Besides book and street smarts, sharp lyricism, and the volition to have a positive impact with his words for the next generation, from a musical standpoint, the guy can just straight up flow. It doesn’t matter what kind of beat he’s featured on for any genre, Staples brings maximal effort without compromising the quality of his sound.

After releasing 2 EPs (Hell Can Wait in 2013, Prima Donna in 2016) and a critically acclaimed debut studio album in 2015 (Summertime ’06), this 23-year-old is poised to have a major campaign in 2017. Having collaborated with notable acts such as Mac Miller, Flume, Action Bronson, Common, and Clams Casino to name a few, Vince has already established him as a pillar in the hip-hop game. The sky’s the limit for his success; we’re all hoping that he continues to be a beacon of light that shines to the next generation through the clouds of negativity. Check out some of his best tracks over his 7-year career via SoundCloud (above) or YouTube (below).


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If you haven’t already, bump his new song BagBak and see if he’ll be visiting your city on his nationwide tour right here!

From Nate by Vince Staples:

As a kid all I wanted was to kill a man
Be like my daddy’s friends, hopping out that minivan

Chrome ’38s spinning like a ceiling fan
Crying on my momma’s phone swearing he a different man
Talking to me monotone, hardly ever coming home

Knew he was the villain never been a fan of Superman
Beaten on my momma in the kitchen screaming:
“B***h you better listen when I speak my mind!”

Used to think he was unbreakable he did fed time
But made sure a n***a plate was full and I shined
Was walking in the first day of school new J’s, and all of that

Football was cornerback, never made a game I played for Compton High
But my daddy was the man that would be suicide
Picked me up from visitation in the newest ride
Always told me that he loved me, f**k his foolish pride
As a kid all I wanted was to kill a man

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