Future – Grammys (Solo Version) {SINGLE}

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Many of you are already familiar with the Future-assisted track “Grammys” off of Drake‘s Grammy nominated album Views. Navadius really stole the show during the 2nd half of Grammys by flowing so effortlessly in an aggressive manner. Now, the Atlanta-based rapper/singer is continuing his onslaught of new music for 2017. After dropping his self-titled album FUTURE, with no features, Hendrix hits us with a brand new version of Grammys, without Drake. There is a slight variation in production but the core of the original is still intact. Actually, is this the original? Either way, this version absolutely knocks. It looks like Future is back on a roll following his brief hiatus for most of 2016. Stream the track below and let us know what you think on Twitter @hustleEVRYDY!

Stream “Grammys” (Solo Version) by Future

Gonna peel off like a bandit
I’m noddin’ off on a Xanax
Get pissed off, start airin’ it
Get a head start, ain’t friendly

I stand out, I don’t blend in
When I say that I meant that
I don’t want to talk to you has-beens

I don’t want features from nan them
I don’t want features or nothin’

You can’t even get on my guest list
They want me to go to the Met Gala

I want a Percocet and a gallon

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