Undiscovered Gems: 2/14/17

It’s time to shine some light onto the talented, underground artists that deserve a lot more recognition. Each day, we get tons of submission emails and it’s really hard to keep up with everyone.

Now, we are going to select the best ones from each day and collect them into one post.

You can always submit new releases to: submissions.EVRYDY@gmail.com

*note: if you submit material, you will be automatically added to our email newsletter*

This melodic, genre blending track is definitely one to check out. Be sure to keep your eyes and ears open to NOV NIGHTS, the new artist from Philly.

This guy has the flow and the charisma for sure. FLO is an artist from South Florida, which is getting a lot of buzz lately with their rising rap scene. Pay attention to this guy!

Check this trap record from these two up and coming artists. Tampa and St. Petersburg link up for this one, with heavy influence from the ATL sound.

Torin Messer is a rapper from Indianapolis that you need to get familiar with. His flow and delivery is undeniable; I hear similarities to Logic and G-Eazy in his sound. Check this graphic, story-telling song about Valentina above!

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