Learn From Each Other: Kid Cudi



To many, Kid Cudi is a savior.

Fans have learned a lot about themselves by listening to his music. Kid Cudi speaks for the social outcasts; the ones who get labeled “weird” by the way they dress, speak, act, etc. To my generation, he made being “different” the new “cool”.

It’s like, I’m playing all my stuff for everybody
And you know, and all my people they give me feedback
You know, and they be like
“Yo, yo why your shit sound so different?
You know what I’m saying?
Why your shit, like on another level–
Why’s, why’s it sound so different?”
Like that’s a bad thing
And I be like
“Why not? Nigga”

– Kid Cudi via ‘Man On The Moon’

Here’s what some fans had to say about what they’ve learned from Kid Cudi’s music!

To be yourself.

This is such an important lesson to learn. Nowadays, more than ever with social media, people follow other people and trends and get so caught up in whats “in” that they forget who they are and what they actually like. Everybody is different; it’s in your DNA to be different than the person next to you. You have to “embrace the martian” within yourself and create your own wave to surf.

No demon is too big to conquer.

As you all know, Kid Cudi spent some of last year in rehab for depression and suicidal thoughts. Now, all Kid Cudi fans know that Scott is an emotional wreck and, ironically, that’s what attracted his cult-like fanbase. I’ve seen and heard from many Cudi fans say they would have committed suicide if it wasn’t for Kid Cudi’s music. The realness and transparency in his music has saved lives. Scott is still slayin’ demons and taking on life by the horns, letting fans in on each step to know there is someone else like them out there.

His song lyrics are the best lessons.

‘Up, Up & Away’ is the last song on his first ‘Man On The Moon’ album and he closed it with a very important song. People will always judge you no matter what you do, so you might as well do what YOU want and what YOU think is cool. If not, they’ll still judge you. He’s taught fans to say “fuck ’em” and embrace life to the fullest.

Here’s how some of our writers responded:

These were the most unique answers:

As you can tell, Kid Cudi has been an extremely important figure in a lot of people’s lives. The lessons he has taught his fans cannot be taught from a lesson plan; it’s all real life mentalities that Scott has fought his whole career for.

Acceptance amongst individuality has been a main topic for Scott’s music since he first came into the game back in 2008. Love is all we need; love and to be loved.

Kid Cudi released his newest album in December and seems to be doing much better. A lot of pressure comes with being an entertainer, especially one that means so much to his fans like Scott. It’s great to see he’s doing well and loving life. If you haven’t listened to his newest album, you can do that here!


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