7 Tracks You Should Know By…Lupe Fiasco {PLAYLIST SERIES}

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The 3rd installment of a new weekly drop on EVRYDY called “7 Tracks You Should Know By…” Similar to the #SilasSundays Series, this self-explanatory playlist will highlight certain verses from established artists that may have been overlooked or forgotten over the years. The subject of this week’s post is Wasulu Muhammad Jaco, aka Lupe Fiasco.

Little introduction is needed for the lyrical wordsmith hailing from Chicago, IL. Lupe Fiasco has been one the most heralded verbal assassins in the past decade. Firmly establishing himself as prominent hip-hop figure with his first 2 albums – 2006’s Food and Liquor and 2008’s follow, The Cool – Lu has been widely respected throughout the hip-hop community. Not just for his lyrical ability, but for the political and social activism that he chooses to stand for, with bold proclamations, on his large celebrity platform.

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Lupe has weathered several industrial and man-made storms over his decade-plus career but he is coming back to us at full strength in a few days with the release of his 6th official studio album. In advance of DROGAS Light which drops this Friday, February 10th, listen to 7 of Lupe’s best tracks over his storied career. Between the official projects and mid-2000s mixtapes, it is impossible to summarize Fiasco’s extensive discography by this playlist alone but it’s a great starting point for those who have only heard the radio singles. Lupe has the ability to create a crossover mainstream smash hit (“Wild Child”, “The Show Goes On”, “Kick Push” etc.) but his true powers made themselves explicitly present in the wordiest of tracks with intricate knowledge darts presented to us consistently in each bar and stanza. You’ll receive a copious serving of food for thought every time you hit press play on a Lupe joint. We expect nothing less from the 34-year old spitter with DROGAS Light!

Check out the previous installments of the 7 Tracks You Should Know By…series, below:

From “The Instrumental”:

He just sits, and watches the people in the boxes
Everything he sees he absorbs and adopts it
He mimics and he mocks it

Really hates the box but he can’t remember how to stop, it
Uhh, so he continues to watch it

Hoping that it’ll give him somethin that he can box with
Or how the locksmith, see the box as, locked in the box
Ain’t got the combination to unlock, it

That’s why he watch-es, scared to look away
Cause at that moment, it might show him
What to take off the locks with

So he chained himself to the box, took a lock and then he locked it
Swallowed the combination and then forgot, it

As the doctors jot it all down, with they pens and pencils
The same ones that took away his voice
And just left this instrumental, like that

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