Best 7 Songs Of The Week {1/29/2017 – 2/4/2017}

*Starting this year, we’re going to assemble the best 7 songs that find their way to our ears over a course of a week. No genres… No politics… Mainstream or underground… Just the best music, period*

Syd – Over (ft. 6LACK)


The Odd Future member & leader of The Internet band released her debut solo album ‘Fin’, and it’s amazing. So many different vibes on there but this one stuck out the most. There’s no accessible stream for this song, so you’ll have to listen along with the whole album.

Vince Staples – BagBak

Here’s a new single from one of rap’s favorite youngsters Vince Staples. He released an EP called ‘Prima Donna’ last year and this has been his first official single since. Enjoy the free stream above via SoundCloud.

Khalid – Shot Down

This is the newest single off ‘American Teen’, the upcoming debut album from the singer from El Paso. He’s been working with producers like Syk Sense and !llmind to properly form his sound, but the vocal talent is undeniable. We’re looking forward to his upcoming album especially after hearing this!

Sampha – Incomplete Kisses


The people have been waiting on a full length project from Sampha, and we finally got it. After a couple listens, this was the song that stood out the most on Process. There’s no accessible stream so you’ll have to listen along with the entire album!

Big Sean – Bigger Than Me (ft. The Flint Chosen Choir & Starrah)


Big Sean was another one of three major artists to release an album on Friday. He’s had some impressive singles to kick off the campaign but this one stuck out the most on the first few listens. It is the closing song on the album that wraps up the entire concept of the project. There’s no accessible stream so you’ll have to listen on the entire album here!

Sonder – Searchin

The debut EP from this mysterious R&B trio ‘INTO’ dropped over a week ago and this record stuck with us. It reminds me of a mix between The Weeknd’s old mixtape material and dvsn’s new material. Be sure to check this song out along with the rest of the EP.

The Underachievers – Gotham Nights

New single from the Brooklyn duo. They stick to the roots of true hip hop by rapping about political injustice over classic boom-bap production. The Underachievers have a project on the way this year too so watch out for that!


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