7 Tracks You Should Know By…Jay Rock {PLAYLIST SERIES}

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The second installment of a new weekly drop on EVRYDY called “7 Tracks You Should Know By…” Similar to the #SilasSundays Series, this self-explanatory playlist will highlight certain verses from established artists that may have been overlooked or forgotten over the years. The subject of this week’s post is Johnny Reed McKinzie Jr., aka Jay Rock.

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Saying that Jay Rock is just another member of Black Hippy / T.D.E. would be an absurdly gross understatement. The Watts, California native played an integral part in the formation of Top Dawg Entertainment and helped established the brand’s foundation as a powerhouse collective in the hip-hop industry that it is today. In 2005, the CEO of T.D.E. “Top Dawg” Anthony Tiffith signed Jay Rock to an independent deal.

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From there, he churned out a slew of mixtapes that led him to a major record deal with a subdivision of Warner Bros. Due to issues with the release of his debut studio album, Rock left Warner Bros in 2010 and eventually settled with Tech N9ne‘s independent label, Strange Music in 2011. He got the monkey off of his back by dropping his 1st studio album, Follow Me Home, which featured the likes of up and coming lyricists and future labelmates Ab-Soul and Kendrick Lamar. Chris Brown, Rick Ross, Lil’ Wayne, Terrance Martin, will.i.am, and BJ The Chicago Kid all made guest appearances on Jay Rock’s strong debut album. Being somewhat of an elder statesman, Jay Rock laid out the blueprint for his future labelmate and has undoubtedly influenced the current roster of artists under the T.D.E. faction.

His intelligent and witty rhymes matched with his bruising and aggressive style can be appreciated by the likes of gangbangers from South Side Los Angeles to the Backpack crowds in Suburbia. Read more about his importance to T.D.E. by checking out Donziff’s piece on Jay Rock right here.

Here are 7 of my favorite tracks that Jay Rock has been a part of over the years. His presence is immediately felt on every guest verse he makes an appearance on. Jay Rock has been mostly quiet since his 3rd quarter release in 2015, 90059. The recent schedule for T.D.E. releases should leave fans hopefully for a new project from Big Brother at some point in 2017. Salute to the gawd, Jay Rock; pay your respects by pressing play and admonishing his great lyrical talents.

From Black Lip Bastard (Remix):
I’m Jay Rock, you lil n***as beneath me
How you gon’ dance with the devil with two left feet?
Peep, thinking you sweet, but you weak
Talking out of turn’ll leave all of your teeth in the street
Momma taught you better, never clash with a giant
Unless you David, remember, my n***a, I’m not Goliath

Feel the wrath of this titan, hit some water; call it Poseidon
Wig out, then hit your ass with a trident
Money on the table, my n***a, you know I’m all in
If rap was a drink, you wine, nigga, I’m all gin
Hunnit proof, recruit a hunnit troops who love to shoot
No fluke, my n***a, you know that’s what us Hunters do
East side up, Watts City mayhem
Choppers, they sprayin’ from AM to PM
I’m the silent assassin of the four-headed dragon
Black Hippy blastin’ a .50 out the back of the Benz Wagon

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