#SilasSundays: Volume 14 {PLAYLIST}


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#SilasSundays: Volumes 1-10 can be found here, 11, 12, 13, 14 (below)

The 14th edition of #SilasSundays is finally upon us! For those unfamiliar, this weekly series for EVRYDY is an inclusive list that features the sultriest of RnB singers, the wordiest of lyricists, and at times, the most abstract producers with the most unconventional sounds. This is all an attempt to give shine to some musicians that may not be regularly featured on the Billboard Top 100 week in and week out. Because of the constant waves of new music that we are *seemingly* bombarded with on  an hourly basis, I’d like to provide some stability and solace for your Sunday afternoons with a wide selection of music that is suitable for any pallet.

Like the previous 13 playlists and the hundreds that will follow, my favorite choices are selected in bold on the tracklist below.

  1. Migos – T-Shirt
  2. Kanye West, Nas, KRS-One, Rakim – Classic (prod. DJ Premier) 
  3. Dope! Fresh! NEW SHOES! – Perpetually in Progress
  4. Tinashe – Vulnerable (Sango Remix)
  5. Marian Hill – Down
  6. George Clanton – It Makes the Babies Want To Cry
  7. Blu – Spanish Winter
  8. Meechy Darko (Flatbush Zombies) x Joey Bada$$ (Pro Era)  x Issa Gold (The Underachievers) Did U Ever Think (prod. Erick Arc Elliot of Flatbush Zombies)
  9. Erykah Badu – I Been Going Thru It All
  10. Zacari – Foggy Windows (prod. J-Louis)
  11. Travis Scott ft. Paul Wall &  Theophilus London – Dance on the Moon

This week’s cover photo is brought to you by Sean Spicer. Who is he? The current White House Press Secretary. What has he done? Not much, but has been the butt of the joke for most political commentary because of his unnerved stammering during the handful of press conferences that he’s conducted and his “alternative facts.

Here is a brief list of Alternative Facts that are definitely true:

  • 2016 was a trash year (in regards to the music scene);
  • The New York Knicks are undoubtedly a Superteam;
  •  True Detective Season Two was a cinematic masterpiece;
  • Hypebeasts are not annoying;
  • We all really like the “well actually…” people;
  • Sketchers are quite swagged out and fashion forward;
  • It has never snowed in Alaska, period;
  • Chris Brown vs. Soulja Boy will be the fight of the century and will definitely not get called off;

Check out my previous work for EVRYDY, below:

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