Matt Martians – The Drum Chord Theory {ALBUM}

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1. Spend The Night / If You Were My Girlfriend (prod. Matt Martians)
2. What Love Is (prod. Steve Lacy)
3. Where Are Yo Friends? (prod. Matt Martians)
4. BabyGirl (prod. Matt Martians & Kari Faux)
5. Southern Isolation (prod. Matt Martians & Steve Lacy)
6. I Found Me Some Acid Tonight (ft. Steve Lacy; prod. Steve Lacy)
7. Alotta Women / Useless (ft. Kari Faux; prod. Matt Martians)
8. Down (prod. Matt Martians)
9. Dent Jusay (ft. Syd & Steve Lacy; prod. Tyler The Creator)
10. Callin’ On Me (prod. Matt Martians & Tyler The Creator)
11. Diamond In Da Ruff (prod. Matt Martians & Steve Lacy)
12. Elevators (prod. Matt Martians & Tay Dreamin’)

Syd isn’t the only member of The Internet releasing a debut solo album in 2017. Stream The Drum Chord Theory by producer/singer/songwriter Matt Martians. The Odd Future co-founder enlists his LA-based cohorts Tyler, The Creator and Syd, as well as Kari Faux, and Tay Dreamin’, and  Steve Lacy. Listen to the project in its entirety on SoundCloud below and let us know what you think!

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