Learn From Each Other: Ab-Soul

Image via Ab-Soul’s Instagram
We’ve started a bi-weekly series where fans teach each other what they learned just from listening to their favorite artists. We tweet out the question with a different artist every other week and compile the responses into an article published on the following Wednesday.

This week, we started the series off with the Top Dawg Under Dawg Ab-Soul.

He is known for his wide variety of contradicting subject matter that keeps the minds of his fans open to new theories, concepts and ideas. His latest ode of females, the ‘Do What Thou Wilt.’ album, is a self-described algorithm with the thesis that the chicken came before the egg which, in simpler terms, means “God is a girl”.

Since he is such an enlightening artist, we asked fans what they’ve learned just from listening to his music. Scroll down the page for the various responses and you just might learn something yourself.

To question everything & always keep an open mind.

“Open minded to the truth, but not naïve to what is fiction…”

Ab-Soul has taught his fans to question EVERYTHING, from schooling to existence to yourself. You need to keep an open mind and create your own answers to questions by your own thorough research. This is important to keep people aware of the control systems the world has set up, and yes, they’re everywhere.

The Pineal Gland, DMT & the third eye.

The spirituality within recreational drugs has been a major topic within Ab-Soul’s catalogue. He’s taught many fans about what the pineal gland is, what it does (may do) and what DMT is. For those who don’t know, DMT is known as “the spirit molecule”. It is used as a powerful psychedelic that gives people an extreme, dream-like trip. It can be found in many different plants, and even in mammals. The theory is that DMT is the molecule that connects the physical and spirit worlds and the pineal gland, or the chakras, is the gateway to it. So make sure you keep ya mothafu**in’ chakras open!!!

Love is the only law.

Ab-Soul drew his inspiration for his album title from Aleister Crowley’s “The Law of Thelema”. It says “do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Love is the law, love under will.” Now, you know how Soulo has said  “wicked as Aleister Crowley” multiple times in his music? Well, it’s true; the press stated he was the “wickedest man in the world” and a Satanist, but he never claimed himself as one. But anyway, Ab-Soul drew the influence from the positive side of the Thelema religion and used it in his song ‘The Law’ with Mac Miller and Rapsody. There is never enough love in the world, especially for women, and we all need to love more… in every aspect of life.

Some of his best lessons can be summed up by his song lyrics.

To keep a longterm mentality.

Soulo’s “Longterm” brand has resonated with a lot of his fans. For new fans, his first three works are ‘Longterm: The Mixtape’, ‘Longterm 2: Lifestyles of the Broke & Almost Famous’ and ‘Longterm Mentality’, respectfully. Basically this message is that in order to accomplish your goals and dreams, you need to plan for the longterm and build for them to last. Nothing that happens overnight ever lasts, and Ab-Soul is well aware of that. He is still growing as an artist and entity, so we hope to hear ‘Longterm 3: Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous’ in the near future.

Learn as much as you can.

Ab-Soul’s music attracts sapiosexuals, or one’s who find intelligence sexy. He is the Young Mind Fuck” anyway, right? He’s taught so many fans that you never have too much knowledge and you can never know enough. All knowledge is connected somehow; it’s all about putting the pieces together. Keep doing your research and get to the root of things.

He’s even teaching the artists of the next generation.

South Georgia rapper Gold Mysterio has channeled a lot of inspiration from Ab-Soul’s music, especially his ‘Long Term 2’ mixtape.

We asked him to explain deeper and here’s what he said:

For me, Ab-Soul was really like the first artist I had heard who I could really relate too other than Outkast. When I first heard him, I was amazed because bruh was a regular cigarette smoking nigga like me who rapped for the love of hip-hop. A huge influence in the honesty in my music. Soul made it plausible to be an underdog and still be on top.

Here’s what up & coming rapper Wes Banks had to say:

I first heard of Soulo back in 2010 not too long after hearing about Kendrick Lamar. I instantly was a fan. I was even saying he was the best in TDE because of his knowledge & wordplay. His music makes you think way more deep than the average rap verse.

Lastly, here’s what artist izzeYe had to say about Ab-Soul’s music:

 Here’s what he taught some of the EVRYDY® writers:

As mentioned earlier, Ab-Soul’s music really taught me to keep my mind open to everything, from trying new things to the things we’re told and taught on the daily. His music also inspired me a lot during the time of the original EVRYDY® conception, especially his “Long Term” message. It takes time to build/create something that will last and stand the test of time, and you need to keep that mentality and work EVRYDY® to make it happen. The songs that inspired me the most are ‘Be A Man’, ‘Real Thinkers’ and ‘Top Dawg Under Dawg’. Personally, it was ‘Control System’ that formally introduced me to Ab-Soul’s catalogue, but it was ‘Long Term 2’ that made me a true fan.

I am a strong believer that certain things come into your life at for a reason. Relationships come and go, but the lessons learned from each experience are invaluable. Music is not an exception to this belief. I first discovered Ab-Soul during a particularly difficult period during the first semester of my sophomore year of College in 2011. While tracks such as “Hell Yeah” and “Gone Insane” initially garnered my interest, “Be A Man” spoke volumes to me and kept my attention.The transparency in which he described his daily stressors as a young man on the path to finding his true calling were quite helpful to me at that time. “Be A Man,” in addition to dozens of verses that Soul has inked over the years, imparted sound advice that was provided to thousands, if not millions of listeners through highly relatable storytelling. These real-life examples helped me focus on the larger task ahead and that the obstacles in front of me were only minor hurdles on the track to success. I needed the turn-up tracks like “Say Wassup” and “Showin’ Love” just as much as I needed the introspective tracks such as “Ab-Soul’s Outro” and “Soul Cry“. Life’s all about balance, and Ab-Soul‘s music provided that for me when I most needed stability.

These are some of our favorite, unique responses.

It’s safe to say Ab-Soul has been an extremely influential artist to his fans. The lessons he’s taught his fans cannot be taught in a classroom. As you can see, there is such a widespread of knowledge and information he’s shared that has really resonated with his fans. As an artist, you can’t ask for much more than that.

If you haven’t listened to his latest album ‘Do What Thou Wilt.’, we highly recommend you do that now. I can guarantee that you will learn something.


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