Best 7 André 3000 Features of 2016


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Dre, Johnny Vulture, André Benjamin, 3 Stacks; whatever moniker that you are accustomed to calling the ATLien is insignificant. What is of importance is the rejuvenation exhibited by André 3000 during an unusually active year of guest features. By nearly equalling his tally of feature spots from 2011-2015 (8 features in 4 years), Mr. Benjamin had 8 collaborations/contributions in 2016 alone.

At this point of his career, after several Outkast projects and a myriad of decimating verses scatted throughout his entire discography, André 3000 has proved that he has not lost a step. With this sudden onslaught of sharp verses, one can assume that 3 Stacks is gearing up for something special in 2017. The world would be fine with more of the same from 2016; the world would be an incredible place with a brand new project from him. Fingers crossed for a full-length LP by André 3000 that unexpectedly drops from the sky, but for now, let’s take a look back at his strong contributions from this past year.

For you convenience, I created a mini playlist containing the songs that were available on YouTube.

Divine Council – Decemba (Remix) ft. $ilk Money, André Benjamin

Kid Cudi – The Guide ft. André Benjamin

Frank Ocean ft. André 3000 – Solo (Reprise)

So low that I am no rookie but feel like a kid
Lookin’ at the other kids

With astonishment while I’m on punishment
Watchin’ the summer come close to an end

After 20 years in, I’m so naïve
I was under the impression
That everyone wrote they own verses
It’s comin’ back different and, yeah, that s**t hurts me

I’m hummin’ and whistlin’ to those not deserving
I’ve stumbled and lived every word
Was I working just way too hard?

Kid Cudi – By Design ft. André Benjamin

Travis Scott – the ends ft. André 3000


Stream the ends via Apple Music

Eh, to them I’m a big d**k, a cheque and some laughter
I guess it’s all survival but please be careful

I gave up on the Bible long time ago
I hope it ain’t give up on me, I don’t know

I came up in the town, they were murderin’ kids
And dumped them in the creek up from where I live

A Tribe Called Quest – Kids… ft. André 3000


Stream Kids… via Apple Music

I ain’t even gon’ lie, I was probably high
Just forgot to call you back, simple as that

I ain’t no almanac, so lick my dictionary
I might just call a cab ’cause I dig canary
Yellow accents on a dark b***h

I met her back when she kept all her carpet
I’m well aware all that s**t is fantasy
I double dare y’all to f**k your plan B
That’s demeanor, momma’s mannerisms

Additional Vocals on:

Kanye West – 30 Hours &

Solange – Junie

Okay, I cheated a little with these selections in the sense that they aren’t verses from Dre, but they are contributions nonetheless on arguably two of the biggest projects from 2016.

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