Best 7 Lil Wayne Features of 2016


Despite not being able to release much music this past year, Lil Wayne is always a topic of debate in the hip hop community. Whether you’re a fan (like me), or you think he fell off over the last few years, or you just never liked him at all, you cannot deny the man’s success and influence within the culture.

You see more Lil Wayne headlines for his off-the-mic antics now, like his controversial interviews about racism and the #BLM movement or updates on his lawsuits with Cash Money Records, but please do not forget, the man can still rap… very well.

Below is a list of his best 7 features from last year in no particular order, just incase you guys forgot.

(note: I didn’t use any songs from COLLEGROVE because although it was technically just a 2 Chainz release with Def Jam on paper, the duo had original intentions of an actual collaboration album.)

Curren$y – Fat Albert (ft. Lil Wayne) Prod. by The Alchemist

Dame D.O.L.L.A. – Loyal To The Soil (ft. Lil Wayne)

Hodgy – Tape Beat (ft. Lil Wayne) Prod. by BADBADNOTGOOD

Solange – Mad (ft. Lil Wayne)

DJ Drama – Intro (ft. Lil Wayne)

YFN Lucci – Key To The Streets (ft. 2 Chainz, Lil Wayne & Quavo)

Chance The Rapper – No Problem (ft. 2 Chainz & Lil Wayne)


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