The Cool Kids – Connect 4 {SINGLE}


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Obama, Sir Michael Rocks & Chuck Inglish, better known as The Cool Kids, announced their return as a singular entity earlier this year.

The Cool Kids as a group, have been on hiatus since their 2011 project When Fish Ride Bicycles was released, but that’s not to say the Midwesterners have been mum in regards to musical output; both have been extremely busy on their own since their last joint project. After thoroughly establishing themselves as solo artists, Chuck and Mikey are back together to provide us with their latest collaboration, “Connect 4.” Be sure to stay tuned to EVRYDY as we will provide you with the latest updates for The Cool Kids as they develop. We’re all eagerly anticipating their next project. Hopefully, it comes to fruition at some point during 2017!

BONUS: Take a trip down memory lane and check out a couple of the first tracks that really put Chuck and Mikey on the map back in 2007. The sophomore from high school that’s still in me really appreciates this.

Black Mags:

Gold & A Pager:

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