Kevin Abstract – American Boyfriend {ALBUM}


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20-year-old indie artist Kevin Abstract has been a noticeable musician in the underground circuit since he first made a splash with his debut project MTV1987. He returns to the public eye with a brand new album titled American Boyfriend: A Suburban Love Story, released this past Friday. If you have never listened to him before, fans of Frank Ocean and Kid Cudi will naturally gravitate towards Abstract’s sound. Many parallels can be drawn towards the certain type alternative rock/ not-so-hip-hop that music these three artists transition between with masterful fluidity. Kevin Abstract, based on his own life experiences, paints a descriptive portrait of suburban America through the purview of a young adult that is struggling with their identity, more specifically their sexuality (My boyfriend saved me //my mother’s homophobic // I’m stuck in the closet // I’m so claustrophobic // I just want help if my best friend’s racist).


The album, according to Kevin, was influenced sounds like “Weird ’90s stuff and early 2000’s pop music—the kind of stuff that people consider cheesy, I guess.”  Doing a blind listen of American Boyfriend requires an open-minded approach because of its less-than-hip-hop sounding production. The quality of production and strength of the writing on this project already make it a top project for 2016. I highly encourage you all to check out American Boyfriend as soon as possible. Your queued playlist will thank you. If MTV1987 was Kevin’s Section.80, American Boyfriend will serve as his Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City. This project should put him firmly on the map.

Stream it on Spotify or Apple Music/iTunes (purchase link as well)

1. Empty
2. Seventeen
3. Blink
4. Friendship
5. Tattoo.
6. Yellow
7. Suburbian Born
8. Kin
9. Runner
10. Flintridge
11. Papercut
12. June 29th
13. Miserable America
14. American Boyfriend
15. Echo
16. I Do (End Credits)

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