#SilasSundays: Volume 8 {PLAYLIST}

Picture Source – The Atlantic

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#SilasSundays: Volume 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Today marks the 2-month anniversary of my weekly playlist series for EVRYDY. As always, the best selections of the grouping for each week are highlighted by the bold designation. To be honest, because of the high caliber of every track on every playlist, numbers 1 through 11 should in bold print every week. For your convenience, I chose a sampling to give you a general idea of what to expect from with each volume.

  1. Childish Gambino – Centipede
  2. Sammy iii – How U Do iiit
  3. Larry Fisherman (Mac Miller producing) – In a Minute (ft. Da$h, Ab-Soul & Sir Michael Rocks of The Cool Kids)
  4. GRiZ – Feelin’ High (ft. Eric Bloom)
  5. 9th Wonder – 20 Feet Tall {Remix} (ft. Erykah Badu & Rapsody)
  6. Homeboy Sandman  Whatchu Want From Me
  7. Binary Star – Reality Check
  8. Kendrick Lamar – Cartoons & Cereal (ft. Gunplay)
  9. GoldLink – Get Your Link On
  10. SZA – Teen Spirit (prod. by WondaGurl)
  11. The Jet Age of Tomorrow – One Take (ft. Earl Sweatshirt & Casey Veggies)

Op-Ed (please take some time to read this, I’d really appreciate it):

Every week, I normally include a brief description of the inspiration behind the cover photo for every installment. Last week, however, I was not particularly in the mood to write. As an African-American male currently living in this fractured country, ironically named the United States, I felt extremely despondent by the results of our Presidential election. My negative disposition wasn’t solely based on the actual person who was elected – I wholly believe that the current President-elect is a mook of the highest order – rather, the alarming nature of how ignorant and intolerant a large section of our country is has left me with an uneasy feeling in my stomach.

The 45th President of the United States of America…

After the high of all of the “Hillary blew a 3-1 lead” jokes wore off and ran their course, the harrowing reality of the results leading to a Trump victory began to sink in. I wasn’t one of those Hillary supporters with a torrential downpour of tears streaming down my face after her concession speech, but once my disbelief dissipated,  waves of confusion and fear flooded my stream of consciousness. Don’t assume that you have my political views all figured out based on my disapproval of the results of the 2016 election. If anything, following this political cycle for the past couple years has pushed me so far to the center and because of the shady dealings of both major parties, I now identify myself as Independent. Many people didn’t vote for Hillary because they were “Bernie-or-Bust.” Many people voted in protest of her because they thought she was disingenuous with her campaigning rhetoric. Many people just didn’t vote because of the dearth of likability between both candidates.

There are a plethora of different narratives as to why she blew that 3-1 lead, but the current reality is such; barring a catastrophic fumble, Donald J. Trump will become the next President on January 20th, 2017. Again, I’m not particularly worried about Donald Trump himself; I don’t think he is actually racist and I don’t think he believes half of the s**t that he structured his campaign around. But a very large and vocal sect of his supports are and do. It’s completely irresponsible to paint all strident Trump supporters or passive Trump voters with a wide brush, coloring them as racists.  However, with favorable results during this election cycle, White Nationalists are now emboldened after hitching their wagon of outdated philosophies to the Trump campaign. Since November 9th, there have been several reports across the country of pro-Trump acts of hate against minorities. While nothing directly has happened to me or any of my friends or family members, these acts of violence against minorities have me worried and concerned about the future.

Another thing that left me less hopeful during my time of reflection was the impending Cabinet member selections that could ultimately shape legislation for years to come, which, in turn, could also keep disenfranchised people in less than ideal positions for even longer. Having already selected a Vice President who indirectly supports electro-gay-conversion therapy, a Chief Strategist, (and executive owner of Breitbart News, a website that shares many sentiments and parallels as White Nationalists), who many consider as an alt-right figurehead, and having Rudy Giuliani whispering in his ear (which is problematic for a myriad of different reasons), the foundation of Trump’s Cabinet is shaping up to become a Homeland renovation that’ll delight the likes of people such as David Duke.

For Volume 6, I jokingly had a picture of a nuclear blast as the cover photo to represent an improbable Trump victory and what that would mean for the future of this country. A mixture of the narrative from these last few paragraphs culminated into the inspiration for Volume 7‘s cover photo: a solid black image. When the improbable happened, at first, I was stunned and speechless. I felt nothing inside. It was a barren feeling that I have never experienced before. Once the immediate feeling of nothingness escaped my body, a strong presence of anxiety slid in its place seamlessly. I felt as if something was going to happen to me, but I couldn’t pinpoint what exactly.

Super Moon Rises Over Australia
Source – The Atlantic

The cover photo for this week is inspired by hope. This picture was captured on November 14, 2016, the day where the entire world could see the moon at it’s closest brightest since 1948. I’m really not the type of person to exhibit emotion but after looking at the images of the Moon on that night, my mouth was agape. Chills ran through my body. Oddly enough, these incredibly powerful images reminded me how beautiful life really is. Throughout the massive amounts of sludgy turmoil portrayed on the news is a flicker of light. A beacon of hope. Something, anything, that reminds you that a silver lining does exist.

Picture Source – The Atlantic

This election cycle has been quite revealing with serious reform needed by the Republican and Democratic Parties being the strongest revelation. I’m not here voicing my newfound support for Trump (especially if he’s not fervently denouncing the hate attacks and Klan rallies across the country in his name), nor am I here to normalize his nominations or viewpoints. I’m rooting for America to be great. Not David Duke’s idea of a “great” America during the Jim Crow Era. I’m rooting for an America that was making progressive strides towards societal justice. 2016, regardless of who you supported politically, was a giant step back in the name of equality. There’s a saying that I’m paraphrasing here but the brightest days usually follow the darkest ones. I am extremely hopeful that the next 4 years will act as a cast of awareness to help unite this fractured and splintered country. I’m rooting for educated love to Trump ignorant hate. Black People, White People, Asians, Hispanics, Middle Easterns, Gay, Straight, Catholic, Muslim, Right, Left, Up, Down, f**king everyone, let’s Make America Great – while being tolerant and respectful in the name of joint and unified progression – for the first time, ever.

**These views are mine and explicitly mine alone; they do not reflect the views of EVRYDY as an entity**

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