Sammy iii – Viiip (ft. Ron Browz)


The young, multi-talented artist Sammy iii is back for the fourth week in a row, and this time he’s not playing around. He gets some support from the legendary Harlem rapper/producer Ron Browz on this one.

For those of you who don’t know, Ron Browz has produced some hip hop classics, including ‘Ether’ by Nas & ‘Ebonics’ by Big L. He’s also had a successful career as an artist, with the help of his singles ‘Pop Champagne’, ’20 Dollars’ & ‘Jumping (Out The Window)’. Recently, his song ‘El Chapo’ has gotten millions of plays on SoundCloud and a lot of radio support, so he’s still consistently putting quality work out.

This is a big New York co-sign for the young artist. Sammy iii has an impressive campaign going, so be sure to peep the rest of his songs on SoundCloud.

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