Does Ab-Soul Have A Dr. Dre Collab On The Way?




TDE fans have been waiting anxiously for a new album from the #blacklippastor. It’s been over two years since the release of Ab-Soul’s last LP ‘These Days…’, which didn’t exactly live up to the expectations to a lot of core fans. It wasn’t a bad album, but compared to his previous project ‘Control System’, it left some fans disappointed, and eager for his next one because they know the damage he can do. I was a fan of ‘These Days…’ personally, but I can confidently say ‘Control System’ was a much better project.

Just recently, Ab-Soul let us know the album was really coming soon by releasing the lead single ‘Huey Knew’ featuring the NJ rapper Da$h. And just the other day, he gave us the visual for the single. The song definitely got positive responses from the people, which is a good sign for the direction of the album. If you are an Ab-Soul fan, you know there’s nothing quite like his controversial music. (ex. Terrorist Threats)


Today, Ab-Soul posted a picture to his Instagram of him in the studio with the caption “10,000 Hours”. That’s an ode to Malcolm Gladwell’s “The 10,000 Hours Rule”, which basically says you need 10,000 hours of practice to become a master of a particular craft. But if you look closely at the monitors in the back, it says “Artist: Ab-Soul” and “Producer: Dr. Dre”, so it appears that we have SOULO on a Dre beat for his upcoming album ‘DWTW’. I guess Ab-Soul is now a master of his craft, being that he’s been blessed with a Dre beat.

It’s already known TDE and Dr. Dre have a great relationship since Kendrick is signed to his Aftermath label, so it’s not so far off that Ab-Soul would get a beat from Dr. Dre. Also, they have a personal history.

Let’s not forget, in Ab-Soul’s first video ‘Day In A Life’, he pulled up late to the studio and they “went to go work on Detox with Weezy F”. And remember in the fan-favorite ‘Top Dawg Under Dawg’ off ‘Long Term Mentality’? He raps “whoever thought I’d get to write for Dr. Dre, he probably thought it was trash and threw that shit away”. Well Soul, times are a little different now… huh?

Screen Shot 2016-10-17 at 12.43.24 PM.png


This makes me even more excited for what Ab-Soul has coming for us. Everything Dr. Dre touches turns to gold… well, usually platinum to be honest. This probably won’t be the case for Ab-Soul, but either way the album should be extremely special. We thought Ab was coming to next, but it seems the new signee Skiiiwalker is next with his new project dropping 10.18.16! After that, it’s either SZA or Ab-Soul and I’m fine with either. As promised, we should be getting them both before the year is up, so the 4th quarter of this amazing music year will end up very strongly.

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