#SilasSundays: Volume 2 {PLAYLIST}


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#SilasSundays: Volume 1, 2 || Check out my short piece and large playlist in support of Kid Cudi

Second installment of my weekly playlist series here for EVRYDY. This compilation, like every week, will consist of deep cuts from the SoundCloud universe that have a nice mix of soulful, ratchet, boom-bap and jazzy hits from all over the world. As always, the songs on the tracklist in bold are my highest recommendations for the week but if you do have a spare hour, I encourage you to bump the entire mix for Volume 2.

  1. Vince Staples – ’06 (Full Version)
  2. LEISURE – Control Myself
  3. Boogie – Oh My (prod. Jahlil Beats)
  4. Kevin Abstract – Drugs
  5. Asher Roth – Be Right
  6. Statik Selektah – All I Need (feat Action Bronson, Ab-Soul & Elle Varner)
  7. izzeYe – Highs & Lows
  8. Solo Woods – Powers
  9. Wiz Khalifa, Currensy, Big Sean – O.T.T.R. (Off To The Races) 
  10. Innet James – Black
  11. Rustie ft. Danny Brown – Attak 

By the way, the cover photo for this week was wholly inspired by the Crying Christian Mom that read the lyrics to “Norf Norf” by Vince Staples. If you have yet to see the video, please do yourself a favor and hit play on the YouTube film below and enjoy. I have never seen anyone so distraught over rap lyrics that felt compelled enough to make a 10-minute video disparaging a young MC by reciting explicit lyrics out loud in front of her own prepubescent children.

Vince could have completely flamed her. Instead, the 23-year-old Staples had an extremely mature response to this mother’s video where he defends her commentary on his song “Norf Norf.” According to tweets from Mr. Staples, he felt that “No person needs to be attacked for their opinion on what they see to be appropriate for their children…they have a right to it…this misunderstanding of our community leads to miscommunication which we should convert into a progressive dialogue.” I’m voting for Vince in the 2032 Presidential election. It seems like anyone could run for office these days. Nerf Side Long Beach, Nerf Side Long Beach.

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