Get Well, Kid Cudi. {PLAYLIST}


Kid Cudi fans around the world were saddened to hear the news late Tuesday night, October 3rd that he had indeed checked himself into rehab “for depression and suicidal urges.” Cudi shared an incredibly open and emotional message to his fans via Facebook about his prolonged bout with his own mental issues and demons inside himself. Scott’s Facebook post sparked a huge Twitter discussion about mental health (specifically about minorities) with the hashtag #YouGoodMan.

Even a casual listener could pick up on the melancholic undertones of most of his songs. He has always been extremely personal and honest when speaking about his struggles with substance abuse and depression, treating musical expression as a form of artistic therapy. What separates Cudi from the rest of his peers is the sheer authenticity of each track or project he puts forth. He wants the listener to relate to the pain that he feels or has felt in the past, not to bring them down or to make them feel bad, but to genuinely make a connection with the audience to know that things will be okay, eventually.

An outburst on Twitter with several pejorative tweets launched in the direction of Kanye West and Drake happened a couple weeks ago. Last week, to the dismay of many eager anticipators, his upcoming project titled Passion, Pain and Demon Slayin’ was pushed back to an indefinite release date due to sample clearance issues (he still blessed us with new music). Speculation could lead us to believe that his sudden outburst and album delay was much more than the politics of music; it had to do with how he felt mentally. It may have been a legitimate cry for help. Life is so much bigger than music. Getting the proper help that he needs to provide for not only his fans but more importantly his family, is priority number 1.


I’ve been listening to Kid Cudi for almost a decade at this point and his music has gotten me through some very low periods in my life. This goes to show that obtaining fame and wealth won’t fix all of life’s problems. We all have bad s**t that we’re dealing with on a daily basis and the best thing for us to realize is that we’re not alone in the struggle. Keep a good support team of friends and family around you, face your problems head on, and things are bound to change for the better. Props to the human being Scott Mescudi for recognizing his problems and for having the strength to open up to the public so transparently about his struggles. The Man on the Moon will return back to form stronger than ever like he always does. Get well, Kid Cudi.

Below is a playlist of songs by Cudder that are a compilation of deep cuts on SoundCloud that span his career dating back to the late aughts. Appreciate some of his past work while we wait patiently for his new album Pain, Passion, and Demon Slayin’ but more importantly, his return back to the society of music. Let us know some of your favorite all time Cudi tracks @HustleEVRYDY and @eyelesssilas.

Bonus: Kid Cudi ft. Kanye West – Too Bad I Have To Destroy You (Demo) , which was recently unearthed a couple days ago from the studio sessions of Cudi’s 2014 EP Satellite Flight: The Journey to Moon Mother.

<> on January 29, 2014 in New York City.

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