Sammy iii – How U Do iiit

He’s back, and more iiinsane than ever.

The well-rounded talent Sammy iii will be releasing a new song every week for the next 8 weeks, as he announced on Twitter. The 8 week campaign starts off with ‘How U Do iiit’, a hip hop / club record produced by Sammy iii himself. This isn’t that impressive for him because he’s produced ALL of his own music thus far.

Sammy sings about driving to meet up with the woman of his interest, while foreshadowing what’s about to go down when he gets there. He can’t seem to get enough of her because of how she does iiit.

A great record to start off the next 8 weeks, and I’m excited for the rest to be released as well.

You can listen to the song above, and be sure to check out the rest of his music on SoundCloud. He got a lot of attention when SoundCloud put his song ‘Weepiiing Heart’ in the “Related tracks” section of The Weeknd’s Pass Dat remix. That was only the beginning for Sammy iii!

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