Myniakal – Municipal Parking {PREMIERE}


Premiering here on the EVRYDY pages is a new release from the young Toronto talent. Myniakal is a hip hop artist that is more than ready to add to the wave that has been coming out of Toronto. He is apart of a creative Toronto-based collective called SRRYINADVNCE, which includes a handful of music and visual artists with the same vision.

His go-to producer GoldSoul has produced literally all of his music to date, so you know they have amazing chemistry in the studio. GoldSoul has been making moves as well, as he recently produced a song that featured Mick Jenkins, and will be featured on CJ Fly‘s upcoming project.

Photo Credit: Liam Higgins

I got a chance to catch up with Myniakal before the release to talk about his influences, future plans, how he got into music etc. He has been very influenced by the young creatives of Toronto. Names like Sean Leon, Jazz Cartier and, of course, Drake himself came up in the discussion.

After this drop, be prepared for more music and visuals to be released. ‘Municipal Parking’ is a great, original sound that could create some serious noise. Myniakal has been taking music serious since he started at age 13, so you know he’s determined to do whatever he has to to achieve his goals.

Enjoy ‘Municipal Parking’ above and let us know what you think in the comments below.

Follow Myniakal on his various social media pages:


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