Watch MADEINTYO Perform ‘Uber Everywhere’ Live At Fool’s Gold ‘The Night Shift’ {EVENT RECAP}


I was waiting outside of Le (Poissen) Lounge for my guys izzeYe and Diego with absolutely zero expectations of the night in front of us. I’ve been a fan of what Fool’s Gold has been doing of a long time now, so whenever they have an event I know it’s going to be something very special.

Aside from seeing names like MADEINTYO, Rome Fortune and Nick Catchdubs on the line up, I was not familiar with the other acts previously, but they all showed out for the crowd in their respective manners.

They played everything from underground hip hop to drum-and-bass dance music to EDM trap during The Night Shift. Fool’s Gold Records is known for their diverse sound styles and individuality amongst the artists.

Between the four free Budweiser beer tickets, being thrown around in a mosh pit during Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye 2, the entire club singing the Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1 chorus together in unison and seeing some fellas taking some kind of powdery substance in the bathroom, it’s very clear that Fool’s Gold knows how to throw a fucking party.

The recap video above features ATL’s MADEINTYO performing his hit single Uber Everywhere. The energy displayed in the visual is basically a summary of how hype the people in there were the entire night.

Video filmed and edited by izzeYe.

Below are some amazing pictures taken during the night by Diego Palomino. Click his name to follow on Instagram to see more photos!

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