Gold Mysterio – Happy Belated {PREMIERE}


Premiering here on the EVRYDY site, Georgia rapper Gold Mysterio has released the debut single called Happy Belated from his upcoming album, Close Calls. The production on this one was handled by Luke White.

Note that I said Gold Mysterio is from Georgia. Far, far away from the popular Atlanta scene, Gold is from the deep south of Savannah, Georgia and raised in Sylvania, Ga. His music definitely reflects that, being it is very different than what somebody would expect from an artist coming out of Georgia. With elements of the traditional southern hip hop sound and modern lyrical rap, Gold Mysterio is ready to show a new perspective of Georgia that has never been popularized before.

There is no word exactly when Close Calls will be released, but definitely expect it in the very near future. The project got its name from the overabundance of close calls he’s had in his life, from near-death experiences to being in and out of trouble with the law.

Stream Happy Belated above and be sure to follow Gold Mysterio on Twitter to stay updated for his upcoming album!


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